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Poker stars review and Introduction:

Poker Stars is the foremost poker site on the web.  It eclipses every other site in terms of traffic by a mile and has far the most cash players of any site.  Over 50 000 players are on at any time, and you can easily find a game suited to you.

The large player base means that if you are a new player learning to play, an experienced player looking to earn, or a tournament player looking for big payouts PokerStars is for you.

There are many tables that play for free money, and many tournaments that you can play in until you have the confidence and tactics to use real money.  


You need to download the PokerStars software to be able to play.  It is very much a functional lobby entrance as opposed to a flash.  The role of PokerStars has always been to get as many people playing as possible, and you will find it very easy to find a table to sit down in.  The wait for a real money table to be filled is minimal, and if you want a game you will find it.


You can track a player, and watch exactly how the successful players win their games.  If you want somewhere to study the game of poker, then its worth joining just to watch how the professionals clean up.

The graphics for the game is simple and will not win prizes for the layout, but do not let this put you off.

Online Tournaments:

Tournaments are constantly starting on Poker Stars, and you needn't wait more than 5 minutes before you can sit in.  There are prizes from $5000 all the way up to $1 million so whatever day you have free for playing, you can always play for big money.

10 different types of poker are on available, and unlike other sites, games outside of Texas Hold'em are well represented.

Customer Service and Support:

The support is somewhat limited. You can only access them online, but there are of moderators and representatives available so it is not much of a disadvantage. 

Unfortunately we found that speaking to someone online meant that it took longer to get a response and often I was given an ambiguous answer.  It would be better if they did offer telephone contact, but it is a small setback.  In terms of the banking, there are a lot of options for cash outs and withdrawals and they are generally very fast.

Bonuses and Promotions:

Currently Poker Stars are offering a matched deposit to encourage new players.  Usually they tend to not rely on promotions because they have such a large market share, so it is a good idea to take advantage of this offer if you are considering joining.

Outside of this promotion, Pokerstars has an excellent VIP scheme where you can win free cash payouts, entry into tournaments, or prizes such as luxury cars and tickets.

Pokerstars is the industry leader for a simple reason that they are the biggest and best for serious players.